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As one of the oldest horticultural practices, pruning has influenced the appearance of both rural and urban landscapes.  There are a variety of benefits for pruning: improved aesthetics and form, manageable plant size, as well as, increased flower, fruit and timber production. 


Moss & Pearls, LLC offers pruning consultation and services that address the long-term management of gardens and landscapes. We specialize in hand pruning of shrubs and trees <10'. Our work involves reconciling a plant‘s natural form and vigor with the available growing space. As pruning affects not only the immediate size and form of a plant, but also its health, we believe that pruning should be purposeful and proactive. Moss & Pearls, LLC seeks to influence plant growth and structure, balancing the clients' vision with the unique attributes of the site and the plants species. Whether it is the renewal of ageing shrubs in a historic landscape or the structural pruning of young trees.


Like most things, pruning is part nature and part culture.  Let's find the approach that works best for you and your landscape!

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